What is an online gift registry?

An online gift registry is a curated list of preferred gift items prepared by an intended recipient for an upcoming event or occasion, which they pass on to their guest who then purchases the items on their behalf. This lets the guest know exactly what the recipients wishes to receive and they don’t have to keep guessing what to buy.

How do I inform my friends and family about my gift registry?

You can inform them by sharing your registry information the following ways;

  • Share via Social media (Facebook, twitter and WhatsApp)
  • Share via Email
  • Simply quote your registry link

Provision is made for all the above.

How do I create an account?

It’s easy, simply;

  • Register for free by creating an account and opening a registry on our site.
  • Create your list by browsing through our site and choosing the gifts you want and adding it to your registry.
  • Share details of your registry with friends, family and guests.
  • Receive your chosen items at your convenience on a scheduled delivery date, you will also receive a master list of who bought what….for your “thank you” notes.

What should I do if my family and friends live abroad?

Simply give them details/link to your registry, they can purchase just the same way your locate guests would and whatever they choose to buy will be delivered to you.

How do I keep track of bought gifts?

Once any gift on your list has been purchased, we will send you a notification for you to keep track of your gifts. And also mark gift as ‘already bought’ on your page to avoid repeat purchase.

What happens when a group gifting item is not fully purchased?

You have the option of either making up the difference to purchase the item or you can use the amount to purchase a different item.

What is Cash Gift and how does it work?

The Cash Gift is a collection fund for monetary contributions made towards your event. You can choose this if you want to receive monetary gift from your guests.

Please note: A 5% processing fee would be charged.

What is "Group Gifting" and how does it work?

This is when more than an individual contributes towards the purchase of a gift. It helps your guests contribute towards luxury items you desire, making expensive items more affordable for your guests by having them contribute their own bit.

How many gifts can I have on my registry?

You can have as many as possible but as a guide you can assume one gift per guest.

What if my guests are not tech savvy?

Your guest are welcome to call our customer service line, our dedicated and experienced team would be glad to assist them every step of the way.

Can anyone access my gift registry?

This depends on the privacy setting you choose;

  • If you choose Public, it will be open for others to see when they search.
  • If you choose Private, it will only be accessible to those you share your link/URL with.
  • If Passworded, it will be password-protected and only those you give the password can access your gift registry.

What does the “Priority” button mean when choosing a product I want?

The Priority button is an indicator that helps you set a “priority rating” on the items you love to have so your friends and family can have an idea of how important an item is to you.

I have started my registry but I don’t want people to view it yet, what do I do?

  • If you have started a registry but not ready to share, you can hold off sharing it until you’re good to go.

What happens when a selected gift is out of stock?

Do bear in mind that product ranges changes over time, but we would try our best to ensure a quick restock which means you might choose to wait till the particular stock is replaced or you can choose to swap the item for an alternative to prevent delays.

How do I know who bought what?

At the closure of a particular gift registry, we will export the list of who bought what; we know the importance of showing appreciation by saying ‘thank you’, with this master list you can send out your ‘’thank you notes’’.

How long will you hold our gifts?

We expect a registry to be closed four (4) weeks after the event you opened the registry for, so a suitable delivery date can be scheduled for you to receive your gifts.

For Guests

How do I find a gift registry?

Simply login to our site and search the Registry name or use the URL given by the celebrant.

How secure is your online payment system?

Our site is secure and so is our online payment system. Your debit/credit card information is transmitted using encryption technology for all transactions, this ensures that your card details remain private and secure.

How does it work?

  • Browse the registry
  • Decide which gift you want to purchase
  • Click on “buy gift” and
  • Make payment at our secure checkout

Will I receive any confirmation of my purchase?

Yes, we will send you a mail via your provided email address confirming your purchase once payment has been accepted.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes, it is. Your information is transmitted using SSL encryption technology for all transactions, your billing information is safe and no debit/credit cards details are stored on our site.

I would like to stay Anonymous, how do I do this?

If you wish to be an Anonymous giver simply click on the Anonymous box when making payment.

Can I add a personal message with my gift?

Yes, you can. Simply add your special message at checkout.

What if I want my gift wrapped?

Gladly, we can do that for you at an extra cost.

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